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raspberry chocolate shake

I know that Spring has officially arrived and the very same day I got caught in the snow, so I am still very much in anticipation to see when the weather will actually match the season. A couple of years ago, my first winter in Canada, I remember walking to the mall in late March and it had gotten up to 25 degree Celsius! Now that’s what I call spring! That kind of temperature reminds me of Miami and Bahamas, where  I was a few weeks ago, so I was just thinking of sitting out on the beach and getting some warmth in our over wintered bodies.

Some of the days when I get to stay at home I have figured out a way to bask in the sunlight and feel the heat without having to be outside. I found this perfect spot in my house where we get the right amount of sunlight and its right next to the radiator so I feel the sunshine and the warmth. While I am sitting there I also want to sip on something delicious, and this chocolate banana drink is one of my favourite things to have. I used a chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips but you can use any chocolate ice cream you please, this will always just taste delicious!

2 banana shakes


1 Banana

1 Cup Fresh Raspberries

2 Scoops Chocolate Ice Cream (use your favourite)

1 ½ Cup Milk

1 Cup Ice



Wash the raspberries.

Chop the banana into small pieces.

banana and raspberry

Get the blender out so that it can all be made into a delicious shake.

Start by adding the fruits to the blender.

Then scoop out the ice cream.

Add the ice and the milk.

Blitz till it becomes a delicious milkshake

raspberry banana milk shake

Serve in glasses and insert a straw for happy sipping.

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